Today is album release day and the Zac Brown Band is front and center!

JEKYLL AND HYDE, from the Zac Brwon Band, features sixteen new tracks that embody the essence of county,  and even rock flare that features a bango.

USA Today and Rolling Stone gave great revues on the album:

"The lasting impact of JEKYLL + HYDE may depend on the direction from which the listener approaches it. It could be the contemporary country album that rocks most convincingly. If it’s not that, it’s the best rock album in recent memory that uses a banjo." - USA Today

"JEKYLL + HYDE finds ZBB truly reconstructed on record at last, in more ways than one. The album is a good-faith effort to match or even outstrip the band's onstage eclecticism..." - Rolling Stone

Just to show how diverse this album is, the brand manager of our rock station came to me one day and said, "we are sharing the same artist!" My first guess was Steven Tyler, because he has announced he will be making a country album. I was more than shocked to find out it was Zac Brown.

Yesterday, he came to me and showed my that Zac Brown is at the top of the rock charts!  Congrats to Zac Brown! You can get the album at all fine music retailers or of course you can download it!