On this day, July 30, 1989, the world said goodbye to one of the greatest bullriders in history. Upon ending a 91 point ride, Lane Frost jumped off the bull, "Taking Care of Business," only to find the bull turn around and strike Lane in the side. This causing his ribs to break and when he fell his broken ribs punctured his heart and lungs.


Lane Frost is known as one of the greatest bullriders in rodeo history. After graduating high school in 1982 he decided to take a ride on the pro rodeo circuit. In 1987 he became the PRCA World Champion at the age of 24.


He would then go on to try to ride a bull that had never been ridden, Red Rock. He would enter an exhibition rodeo, where he would successfully ride Red Rock four out of seven times.

"In the rain and mud in July in Cheyenne, they carried away that brave young man'" and the world champion bull rider would take in last ride.

We celebrate the 25th anniversary of the passing of Lane Frost. May his legend live on and may he rest in peace.