Las Vegas Is Re-Opening
Finally after month of shutdown Las Vegas is ready is open it's doors this weekend. It will still be Las Vegas but It may look a little different,
There will be less people at the tables. You will see only three people at blackjack tables, 5 chairs at the roulette table and three chairs on each …
Traffic Alert For Midland
Union Pacific has been notified. Please seek alternate route until further notice.
Please Be Aware and make different travel arrangements for your morning commute.
Six Flags And Hurricane Harbor Announce Opening Dates
After being closed for three months, Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor have announced their plans to be open.
Hurricane Harbor will open June 18th and Six Flags will open June 19th. both parks will operate under a preview mode through June 21st...
Today Is National Cheese Day
Cheese is one of my favorite foods and since today is National Cheese Day, I am going to celebrate.
I don't think I have a favorite kind of cheese, because I like so many.  I love mozzarella, like cheese sticks cooked or not. On my sandwiches I like munster cheese, and on a burger I like ch…
Read Southall To Play Dos Amigos
Read Southall is set to play Dos Amigos August 8th. Tickets will go on sale this Friday.
One of the hottest rising bands in Texas Music will play Dos Amigos on Friday August 8th.  This will be there first time to play Dos Amigos.
Don't forget Randy Rogers Band will play Dos Amigos on July 31…
Pictures From The Midland Park Mall Protest
Sunday evening citizens gathered in front of Midland Park Mall to protest the injustice of George Floyd.
What started out as a small group quickly tripled in size. The protesters ended up leaving the mall and protesting in the street. Here are a few pictures...
3.2 Magnitude Earthquake In The Basin This Morning
According to the USGS a 3.2 magnitude earthquake shook part of the Permian Basin this morning.
Many on social media were posting that they felt an earthquake or maybe an explosion. Turns out it was an earthquake between Midland and Odessa...
When The AC Doesn't Work
Of course the air conditioner always works when its not hot but let the temperature go up just a bit and that's when it doesn't want to work. Can someone help me out with this?
Does anyone know why my ac keeps doing this? It will freeze up and I will turn it off and let it thaw out and the…
Moody Gardens Palm Beach Set To Open June 5th
Moody Gardens Resort in Galveston opened up their attractions May 23rd, except for one, Palm Beach.
As of June 5th Moody Gardens Resort will be fully opening and operating including the rain forest, the aquarium, theaters and more.
In a statement from Moody Gardens they are taking extra measures to gu…
Governor Abbott Says Sports Can Have Fans
Governor Greg Abbott will allow sports to have fans. The governor will allow sports to have fans at 25%.
There will be a process of being able to have fans.   Leagues will first have to apply to — and receive approval from — the Texas Department of State Health Services...
No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk
Well in this case, spilled coffee. Everyone know that on Friday's I go to Starbucks and get coffee. It's my treat at  the end of the week. I look forward to it every Friday.
This morning not too long after I got into work, somehow I bumped my cup and knocked it over, the lid flew off a…
Whataburger Now Delivers
Just when you think Whataburger couldn't get any better.....Whataburger now delievers!
Whataburger has started delivering. You just order on the app or website and choose the delivery option and you will have your Whataburger in no time.
This is perfect for me because I hate waiting in line at Wh…
Six Flags Will Open With Restrictions
If you are planning on taking the family to Six Flags this summer be prepared for changes.
Although a date has not been set for Six Flags Theme Parks to re-open, they have set new restrictions in place.
You will have to make reservations...

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