So this month, you have a chance to win $10,000 in cash. That had me thinking of how far that would actually go here in the 4-3-2.

So after surfing the web, here are eight things you could buy with $10,000 in West Texas.


  • 1

    Over 3,100 Big Macs

    Peter Larsen, Getty Images
  • 2

    Over 1,210 movie tickets at Cinergy (assuming ticket prices didn’t go up by the time you saw that many movies)

  • 3

    250 Shows at the Wagner Noel

    Wagner Noel
  • 4

    A really good used car

    Siri Stafford
  • 5

    Two nice vacations for a family of four

    Elena Elisseeva
  • 6

    About 7 Months Rent (Depending on Your Apartment Lease)

    Hemera Technologies
  • 7

    About a year of food for a family of four

  • 8

    About 20 iPad Air 2s