The 2nd Chance Prom is coming up Saturday, May 23. In case you haven't seen it, check out me and the guys at Townsquare getting fitted for our tuxes! Thanks to Janee's Bride and Formal for all their help!
I also wanted to share a few pre-prom tips for you and make sure you get your tickets for 2nd Chance Prom!
  • fcscafeine

    The Ask

    It's not okay to wait until the last minute.  Ask early so your prospective date can plan to arrange buying their dress or renting their tuxedo.  And ask nicely.  Think about how you would like to be asked to go to the prom.

  • Catherine Yeulet

    It's Okay to Couple Up or Make It a Group Affair.

    Gone are the days of having to have a date for the prom.  You can get a lot of your friends together and go with them.  Think about how much fun you'll have as a group and how much you'll have to talk about afterwards!

  • Dick Luria

    Dress Accordingly

    This is a formal event.  The night is going to be elegant.  For guys, that means a tuxedo.  You don't have to just go with the basic black but make sure that your tux is appropriate for the evening.  There are a lot of ways to show your individuality and still look nice.  For ladies, that means a cocktail dress or an evening gown.  Make sure that the person you invited knows that the prom is a formal affair.

  • Susan Prentice

    Flowers: Corsages and Boutonnières.

    You don't want the corsage or boutonnière to clash with your clothes.  Find out from your date what colors they will be wearing.  A white corsage or boutonnière will go with almost anything.  DON'T SKIP THIS STEP.  This is one of those little details that will make your date feel very special.
  • Jupiterimages

    Pictures and Mobile Devices.

    Your date may want pictures of the big night.  In fact, you should have pictures of the big night.  So please be patient if they want to have an extended "photo session."  When you're at the prom, don't spend your time uploading photos to Facebook.  Make sure your date knows that he or she is the center of your attention. There will be plenty of time to upload pictures after the prom.

  • ThinkStock

    Table Manners.

    This is a formal affair.  Don't forget the manners your mom taught you.  Don't be overly loud or obnoxious.  If you go to dinner before, remember to offer a chair for your date first.  Be polite to the waitstaff.  Tip well.  The dinner will set the tone for the evening.

  • ThinkStock


    First, it doesn't matter whether or not your a good dancer.  Nobody expects you to be Fred Astaire.  But do dance with your date.  After you invited them, they're going to expect to dance.  Guys: This is particularly true of your lady.  Women *love* to dance.  This is going to be a big deal for her.  So even if you have two left feet, make sure you dance and you dance often.  She will appreciate the effort.

  • aijohn784

    After Party Rules

    First, don't drink and drive.  Second, don't drink and drive.  Third, don't drink and drive.
    Also, just because this is a special night doesn't mean the usual dating safety rules don't apply.  Don't allow yourself to be coerced into participating in any activity you normally would avoid.  Guys, she's going to look beautiful.  But treat her like the lady she is and be respectful.