American Idol contestant Trent Harmon impressed on Wednesday night (Feb. 17) with a cover of Chris Stapleton's debut solo single, "What Are You Listening To." His slowed, soulful take on the song was applauded by Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban, who could be seen smiling along in the judges' chairs.

Once Harmon finished the song, Lopez raved about the 24-year-old's performance, confessing that she really loves him.

"I feel like when you sing, it really gets to my heart," she admitted. "There’s something that happens when you sing. It's the tone of your voice. It's the feeling that you sing with. You really have something that I feel is going to be in the competition for a long time."

Urban agreed, adding that "What Are You Listening To" was "a tremendous song choice."

"What's really interesting about it is that no one really knows it, but it's such a good song with such a good lyric that when you hit the 'what are you listening to?' everybody here was like 'Oh, that's a great song! What a cool song!' And you sang it really well, I thought," he concluded.

While Lopez and Urban were impressed with Harmon's performance, Harry Connick Jr. wasn't completely sold. "Trent, you're one of the most gifted vocalists here," he said. "I'm not sure whether it was the type of song that you chose, but it wasn't the Trent that I've come to sit on the edge of my seat with great expectations."

Harmon competed with 11 other contestants in Los Angeles Wednesday with the hope of making his way into the Top 14. Seven contestants from last night's show will make their way through to the next round.

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