So I recently got a home security installed in my house. One of the features that came with the package was a doorbell cam. I can see who is at my door at anytime.
I love it because, when the door bell rings I can look and see if I want to do to the door or not. If I don't know them I don't go to the door because it's usually a sells man. I also use to see if my cleaning lady has left, because I can tell when my door has been opened or closed.

I love having this security system. I can also talk to whomever is at the door. For example if a delivery person is there and rings the door bell and I am not home, I can tell them to leave the package at the door!
I can also lock and unlock my phone from my phone with a the new lock system. I feel so spoiled. LOL
But I do love the door bell came just because I can see if I want to get up and go to the door or not!