I have to be honest for a moment.....

. Monday was such a hectic day. I was swamped busy and didn't really have time to look up. Yesterday when the news broke of the explosion at the Boston Marathon, I glanced at the news and thought how sad and kept on with my day. I knew that our digital guy would keep up with latest breaking news. So I really didn't give it another thought.

It was all over the internet, it was all over the news, and Facebook but I just wasn't paying it any attention. But simply just thinking, WOW that's a sad thing..

This morning when I got to work, someone asked me what I thought about what had happen in Boston. My response, "I was to busy to care." Then this morning as I sat and really began to see what happened I was suddenly humbled.

As I was watching video and listening to audio I sat there in astonishment. It took me back to when I was watching the morning news and saw a plane fly into the Twin Towers.

I began to read stories of men and women who went to heroic measures. They put themselves aside to offer aid to others. Most of all,  I was touched by a man who held and artery close of a man who had been injured as he was carried to medical attention.  Suddenly it didn't matter race, sex, creed or anything, everyone became one team to help those in need.

It was so clear what it meant to be an American. To live in such a great land of freedom. No matter what we disagree on red/blue, right/left, in that moment it didn't matter. We became one.

Why is it, that it takes tragedy to put our differences aside for the greater good. Why is that it takes an act of terrorism to remind us how blessed we are.

From my own heart, I could not believe I was so self absorbed, and consumed with my own things that I did not even consider how others were hurting and some even losing their lives. An innocent child lost their life in the act of some horrible person. So today, tonight I pray for all of those affected by the tragedy in Boston and apologize for my selfishness.