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    My mom is the most selfless person I know. She is raising my six year old nephew and she was finished raising kids. We were all in college and then something terrible happened in our family which required her to raise and now adopt my sister's son. I know she is the glue that has held our family together.

    LoneStar Mother's Day 1
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    She works full time in accounting and still makes time to travel all the way to College Station to visit my incarcerated brother twice a month! She's always been there for us, no matter what. She’s a great example of Jesus' unconditional love for her family.

    LoneStar Mother's Day 2
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    She is selfless, giving and will literally do anything for anyone. When we lost our daughter a few years back, it was extremely hard on both of us. But without her, I would’ve never been able to get through it. She has since decided that she would love to be able to provide headstones for babies whom parents cannot afford to do so. It has not been able to happen as of yet due to funds, but in the meantime, she goes up and cleans around all of the gravesites. She is also that lady that will pull over and help you push your car. Like I said, literally anything anyone needs. She is there and never expects anything and will never mention it. Please choose her so that she can have the Mother's Day that she deserves. God Bless

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    She’s beautiful, sweet, kind, patient, listener, trustworthy, special, understanding, patient, helpful and my first best friend.

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    She kisses my boo boos, she braids my hair, I'd love my mother anywhere. My mother is beyond compare. If you're not versed in “Despicable Me 2”, you might miss the reference. My mom makes me laugh and each day without her mother knowledge, I don't know what I would do as a mother myself.

    LoneStar Mother's Day 5
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    My mom is the best mom in West Texas because she puts me and my step-brother before herself! My mom would give up everything as long as me and my brother have what we need and want! The first year and three months of my life, it was just her. She had to start working when I was 6 weeks old! She had to miss me taking my first steps and saying my first words to give me everything I needed! I couldnt ask for a better mom! I love it when we go fishing together! I wouldn’t trade my mom for the world! I love you with all of my heart Mom! She deserves to win. She has never asked for anything but for my love! I would love to pay her back for everything that she has done to give me a better life!

    LoneStar Mother's Day 6
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    My mom is the strongest woman I know because she lost her husband after 25 years of marriage and was taking care of me while I was in jail and still working after I got out. She gave me a place to live and a car. She married after three years. It was hard, but I gave her away and I know my dad would be happy for her and to this day we fight and argue but she still helps me when I need it. Thanks Momma, I love you.

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    She is my best friend, my hero, my inspiration, my counselor, and teacher! Without her, I wouldn't be who I am today! She is my everything!!

    LoneStar Mother's Day 8
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    My mom is a blessing, a giver and one tough cookie! She raised us five kids and is now raising her 7-year-old autistic grandson. She had many heartaches through the years but has shown to be a fighter through it all. She lost a daughter, a son, a husband and is now fighting stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I see her as my best friend, one who always is always there with a shoulder to cry on, a hug for happiness, and puts someone else always before herself. She loves deeper and stronger daily to each if us. She's a fighter and an inspiration!! I love my mom dearly. Couldn't ask for a better one!

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    She is the rock that we can lean on no matter what. Even though two years ago we lost my brother, my niece and brother in law, all within two months of each other, she finds a way to go on and continue to impact our lives with her unselfish love and continued support even though she is still grieving herself. All I can say is, if I didn't have her for a mom I would sure have her for my "best friend"!

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    My "Lady" is the best mom ever because she did everything in her power to make sure my sister and I had everything she never had as a child and more. She was a mom, she worked and she went to night school to become a teacher! And now she does everything she can to make sure her grand baby is spoiled too! Not only is she a mom to my sister and I but also to hundreds of students (who have been or who are currently in her classes), rescued animals and anyone who comes into our home needing a "surrogate" mother! She has given my family the best, and she certainly deserves more in return! I love my Lady!

    LoneStar Mother's Day 11
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    My mom has battled and beaten cancer six times. She continues to have a good attitude, a good outlook on life and gives all the praise to God. She is the best mom and grandma to her five children, nine grandchildren and two great grandchildren. I admire her will to live and her resilience. She loves her family more than anything and puts others before herself. And the best part is that she is a wonderful cook and makes the best apple pie in the world!

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    My mom is an amazing women. She has been married to my dad for 43 years and sets the prime example of what a mom and wife should be. She has been my rock and my motivation for 32 years.  Without her I don't think I could have over come domestic violence, and the trials and struggles that life brings. She is a truly remarkable women and a retired teacher. Not only has she touched my heart in many ways, she touches the hearts and lives of several of her students, setting a godly example each and everyday in her own special way.

    LoneStar Mother's Day 13
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    My mom is the best because she is awesome. She is so strong, beautiful, funny, and my best friend. She will do anything for anyone. She has one of those personalities that draws everyone in. She works so hard to provide for us. She is all about her family. She has the best personality and always has me laughing. I love my crazy mom.

    LoneStar Mother's Day 14
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    Bonnie "Bonzo"

    I have to say my mom is the best country mom "in" West Texas because unfortunately, under the circumstances provided, she isn't in West Texas at the moment. But, she has seen three blood born boys, two daughters, three adopted boys, well four if you include my pops. She is the only woman that I know that waited for her man to come back to her for 19 years and he finally did. After 19 years of being “divorced”, they officially remarried in Killeen TX while visiting me and my wife and kids at Fort Hood. Unfortunately, we lost my pops February 7, 2014, just shy of his 56th birthday to lung cancer. She is the strongest woman that I have ever met in my 30 years. I love her dearly and hopefully, we will have her down here soon so we don't have to worry so much about her. Her and my pops were at my wedding in this picture. Far right couple. Bonnie L. Crandell & Donald “Butch” E. Crandell Jr.

    LoneStar Mother's Day 15
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    My mom is the best country mom in West Texas because with all the years of doing 4-H, she just busted her butt to make sure I was always taken care of and had what I needed, no matter what. On top of that, she is always there for me when I need to cry and yell. My mom can out beat any mom there is out there! ;)

    LoneStar Mother's Day 16
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    My momma is the BEST momma in the WHOLE world. She's taken me all over the state, and selflessly devoted her time and hard-earned money in order for me to experience what I love by showing livestock (since I was 3). Countless late nights in the barn and early mornings on the road have been shared with this woman. She is the strongest, funniest and most vibrant woman I have ever known and I love her to the moon and back. My favorite quote is one of my mother's, "You have to be smarter than the animal you're dealing with!" She has given me more opportunities in my youth than most get in their lifetime, and every second spent is cherished. Love you Mommywommy!

    LoneStar Mother's Day 17
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    My mom is the strongest person I know! She has lost both her mother and father in the last year. She has a brother that is intellectually disabled who lived with her parents and she now takes care of. She takes on lots of responsibility and puts herself after everyone. She has taught me everything I know and has been by my side and supported me and my younger brother and sister through everything!

    LoneStar Mother's Day 19
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    She is the strongest woman I've ever met. She raised four of us kids and not to mention my brother with special needs. No matter how hard the situation got, she always made sure we had a smile on our faces. She is the best mom anyone could ever ask for and without her I wouldn't be who I am today. My mom is constantly on the go with my brother and I just wish I could give her a break.  I love you Momma.

    LoneStar Mother's Day 20