Jake Bentley is a superstar-in-the-making and a well-trained one, at that! Jake is Dierks Bentley's beloved and well-mannered dog and he had to travel far and wide (sort of) for his national TV debut. In this video clip, the canine goes on a big, urban adventure.

Jake, who went missing earlier this year but was quickly returned, thanks to the help of fans and fellow artists, but not before scaring the pants off his human dad, is the star of this hilarious video.

We see life from Jake's perspective as he navigates airport security; is patted down; gets on a plane; laps up water from a cup while nestled in his seat; and heads to New York City to appear on 'The View' with his dad last month. He's a first class pooch.

We witness the pup sitting dutifully on the panel amongst Whoopi Goldberg and co. as Bentley revealed that Jake, a mixed breed, has been on tour buses and trucks, but he that took his first flight for his 'The View' appearance.

What a rad dog! Look at how well-behaved he is on national TV.