You always here about stars "DIVA DEMANDS" on their riders. Riders are the requirements they must have for their shows. Usually its always thought of for the pop stars to have crazy demands. Well there are members of the country world with their on demands.

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Rascal Flats has a female massage therapist on hand who is paid cash by any of the band and crew and has to work for $1 a minute with no minimum minutes.

Taylor Swift, you wouldn't think she would have demands but she is very specific for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. On each day its 3 different kinds of lattes. On Thursday its Twizzler day, Friday, she likes a jar of pickles, and Saturday is spaghetti day.

Reba, was specific that she must only have clear solo cups. Her water bottles must be arranged in a presentable manner.

Shania Twain wants a truck load of fresh fruits and vegetable including 10lbs of carrots. She also requires a K-9 sweep of the venue before the show.

If you were a celeb what would be your "DIVA DEMAND?" I think I would have to go with Rascal Flats and have a massage therapist on hand to a great massage after a show. My dressing room would have to have white roses, Fiji water and Dr.Pepper. Oh yeah and hot man for me to stare at while getting ready. LOL just kidding. Ok maybe not!

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