Everyone will forever remember the words, "E.T. phone home."
Today in 1982 the Steven Spielberg released is blockbuster hit E.T.
E.T. was released on June 11, 1982 and stayed at number one for the next six weeks. In 1983 it became the highest grossing movie of all time, beating our Star Wars, grossing $619 million dollars. It wasn't the only thing that saw a huge profit.

The Hershey Company's profits also began to soar, with an increase of 65% due to the sale of Reese's Pieces!

E.T. also became the first movie largely  affected by piracy. It became one the first bootlegged movies!

When I was a kid I loved E.T. I had an E.T. doll, vitamins, all kinds of stuff. Also when I was younger when we would visit my Poppa in the nursing home, I would always take a cabbage patch doll with me. I always carried around a doll. Poppa would always try to trade me. That was his way of joking with me. He would trade E.T. for the doll and for some reason I never made the trade.