This story is absolutely ridiculous!

A woman went to the home of a 54 year old man in Crossville, TN,

Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

a man she did not know, and asked him she could swim in his swimming pool naked. For some reason the man said yes and allowed this complete stranger to swim naked in his pool.

While she was swimming and he was peeping on her, the woman's boyfriend robbed the man of about $1,200 worth of stuff. After about 20 minutes of swimming, knowing her accomplice had plenty of time to complete his job!

The police have identified the two suspects but have yet to catch them.

Can I just say how dumb is this man. He obviously does not have a wife because she would have seen this coming a mile away. But on the other hand if Channing Tatum wanted to come swim naked in my pool, I would be so distracted someone could rob me blind as well.