On Saturday mornings I like  to watch......no not cartoons but house flipping shows. My ultimate dream job would be to flip houses like they do on tv. To take something old, out of date and sometimes in very bad shape and to turn it into something beautiful. I am always up to something when it comes to my house. In the beginning I painted every room when I first moved in. Then it was on to the bathroom that was covered in out of date wall paper, In there my friend and I textured the walls and painted it. My next move was the living room floor. In there my friend and ripped up the carpet and stained the concrete. The only room I hadn't done anything to was my room. The Queen's Chambers! LOL So once again a friend and I painted and hung crown molding. I always have a partner in crime. Duh! I can't do it all by myself. Now I have decided to tackle the kitchen.

So after my Saturday morning flipping tv I have  decided I want to tackle the kitchen. I want to totally re due it. I want new back splash, paint the cabinets new hard ware, put in new floors! I dream big. The only thing is my big dreams cost money. So it will have to happen one step at a time. The most important thing is I can see the finished product in my mind. So if anyone wants to donate to the Morning Show Idol Flipping Fund you are more than welcome to. LOL

The best part of these experiences is doing it myself with great friends! I think it is so much better to do it yourself than to have someone to do  it for you. To me its the object of starting a transformation, to see it come to life, and completed it such an achievement. So here we go! Hopefully flipping to start soon.