I have never been one to be known for my organizational skills. Actually I have always had a reputation for being a little on the messy side.

The older I get the more organized I am becoming. For example now when I buy new shoes, I keep them in the box. That helps me because I don't have to always go looking for the one missing shoe. They all are organized nicely on the shelf and not thrown all over the floor.

My next organizational project is the jewelry. I don't have a massive amount of jewelry but enough to get messy and unorganized, to wear I can't find anything. Yesterday will out shopping, I found the perfect thing. It a jewelry box that hangs on the closet door. Its perfect. It's out of the way and doesn't really take up any extra space. Now all of my jewelry is organized and in one place. Plus it gave me an extra mirror!

Never to late to stop being messy. It is amazing the older I get the more organized I am getting!