In the previous days our attention has been turned to the number of fallen law enforcement officers. The number officers killed in the line of duty is rising daily nationally.  Today Governor is calling for the state to honor the fallen.

Being the true Texan that he is, Governor Greg Abbott is calling for Texas fallen officers to be honored and flags to be flown at half staff today. He is also calling for all law enforcement officers to turn on their red and blues for one minute at 11 am this morning, in honor of our fallen officers.

It is so nice to live in a state that shows respect and honor to the men and women who put their lives on the line for us, unlike the leader of this country. Can I just say that it just chaps my hide that the President hasn't said one word. Am I surprised... NO!

It is appalling that someone who is guarded by officers everyday doesn't take one minute to thank them for their service, because he is depending on these people to take a bullet for him, but won't honors their brothers in service. I know that there are so many things we can complain about the things he has done and hasn't done., but this one thing we shouldn't stand for.

Like I said, so proud to be part of state that honors the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect us! Thank you for your service!

Greg Abbott