"Gwen In The Morning" Makes Her Debut This Sunday, might sound kind of funny, but it's true!

"Gwen In The Morning" is a new burger on the all new menu at Basin Burger House in Midland. A few weeks ago Basin Burger House in Midland held their first ever Burger Eating Contest and my boyfriend won. Part of his winnings was that he got to name a burger and he chose to name it after me.  How many people can say, their boyfriend named a burger after them?

When the chef was trying to just what kind of burger to make, he asked Josh, my boyfriend, what kind of food he liked, he said spicy. That is exactly what the "Gwen In The Morning" is spicy and sassy.

It of course is a beef patty, ground rib eye, with a poblano  pepper ring, an egg, a mixture of peppers and onions with jalapenos, featuring a mayonnaise spread. Don't let the peppers scare you away because it's just the right blend. I'm not crazy about hot things, but this one was perfect, with just the right amount of spice!

Let me tell you.... Gwen tested, Gwen approved! This burger is delicious! I'm not just saying this because the burger is named after me, I'm saying it because it's the truth. If you haven't been to Basin Burger House in a while, you need to!

Basin Burger House in Midland, located downtown, at the corner of Louisiana and Colorado streets, is under new management and has an all new chef!

The "Gwen In The Morning" will make it's debut this Sunday morning during brunch! Try it, you will love it!