Growing up Kenny Rogers was a house hold name, in our house, so it's an honor to say Happy Birthday!

As a kid my mom was a huge Kenny Rogers fan. I was so excited when I got to take her to see him a few years ago! We listened to all of his music and of course watched "The Gambler" movies. God Bless Brady Hawks, legendary gambler. The movies got even better when he added Reba in the mix.

When I was a kid, I loved the Kenny and Dolly duets. It was never a surprise to hear me sing "Islands In The Stream." In fact my Pawpaw had a recording of me throwing a fit because I didn't want my cousin to sing with me.

Who can forget Kenny and Dolly's Christmas specials, those were the best.

I would have to say, my favorite Kenny Roger's song is "Morning Desire" but, I also like "Twenty Years Ago"

This is one of my favorite movies! I could watch it over and over!