You all know yesterday I was out sick. I tried to start out the morning but my voice just couldn't keep up. By the time I left here, my throat felt like it was on fire from trying to talk and I had horrible cough.
I went home yesterday and took all the medicine I could and when I woke up I was still croopy. My throat hurt and I still had this crazy cough. I've always heard about whiskey lemon and honey but I always thought I was an old wives tale.
I have heard of people doing this but I have never tried it myself, a hot toddy. I have under the weather so much lately I cant afford to have anymore down time, I was ready to try anything.

I knew I had honey, whiskey, and lemon, so I tried it. I just squeezed the some honey in the bottom of my cup, added some lemon juice and a shot of whiskey, then the hot water from my Keurig.

That has helped my cough and throat more than anything I have ever take. Now I do not suggest this for anyone who is underage. But if you are of age and can't shake a cough or a sore throat it's worth a shot.