There are two things I absolutely love other then Jesus and my mama, and that is shoes and purses. All women have something that is their thing. Some like jewelry, perfume, hats, and all women love clothes, I love shoes and purses.

I have more purses and shoes than anyone woman should have. Some of the shoes I may have even only worn a few times, not the point. I see a shoe and love so I buy it, even if it is practical or not.

There is one thing I do not like about these new shoes and that is getting my feet used to them. Every shoe fits different, so every shoe will rub your feet a different way. So for the first couple of wears can sometimes be very painful. It also has to do with this time of year.

The transition from flip flops and sandals to actually have to wear real shoes is an issue as well. Our feet are not used to being confined. Especially mine because if I could l would just go barefoot all the time. But since that is not possible I better get these new fall/winter shoes broken in.


I love new shoes I just hate breaking them in.