The 80s are back!  You have to love the 80s because everything was totally awesome.  Big hair, Bill Cosby's sweaters, Pac-Man!  Like, omigod, it was tubular!
I thought about putting up a photo of me from the 80s but gag me with a spoon!  I won't do that to you!
Several 80s bands have reunited to make new music.  Since I'm a child of the 80s/early 90s, I keep a watch out for what my favorite bands from back in the day are doing now.  So now you're asking "Where's the Beef?"  Okay, here's a list of what's coming out.
Simple Minds.  You loved them for their music in The Breakfast Club.  They're coming out with a new CD on November 4th called Big Music.
David Bowie.  This is a collection of his music from 1964 through 2014.  There's some new stuff on their also.  You have your choice of a 2 CD set, a 3 CD set, double vinyl or digital downloads.  Appropriately, it's called Nothing Has Changed.
Erasure.  Their music has always been popular in clubs.  Their 16th album is called The Violet Flame and is out now.
Information Society.  It's been almost 20 years since all the original members were on a new album.  September 23rd, they released _hello World.  If you were into New Wave, you'll like this one.
Prince.  The Purple One really never has gone away.  He's been constantly recording and periodically releasing new music.  But this month, he released TWO albums he recorded with his all-girl band, 3RDEYEGIRL.  One is called Plectrumelectrum, which is rock.  The other is called Art Official Age, which is more funky.  I actually bought these two CDs last week and they're the best stuff he's done in years.
Billy Ocean, Thompson Twins, Go West, Howard Jones, Bananarama and ABC.  These artists are all on tour right now.  Can you believe they all survived the 80s?
There's another reason I'm writing this 80s-themed blog.  We have the Ultimate 80s Bash coming up October 18th at Midland Center.  80s music, 80s drink specials, an 80s costume contest, dancing and more.  Don't be a wastoid!  Come out with us.