Taylor Swift is a genius. Taylor Swift knows exactly what moves to make when it comes to her success. She's everywhere, she's everywhere. She knows exactly when to make her move.

For example there where hardly any Taylor sightings or any news of her for quite a while. Then all of the sudden BAM! She's dating a Kennedy, she has a new perfume, a new album, a new tour , and gonna perform on the VMA's tonight. She keeps in touch with her fans on social media. She make appearances where she needs to. Whenever I become famous world wide, I'm hiring Taylor Swift as my PR rep. The girl knows how to keep people talking. What I love the most is that its never bad talk. She keeps herself reputable. She knows the demographics of her following, and stays respectable. She was just a girl trying to make it in a crazy industry and she did it. So my plan for success is to hire Taylor Swift. Don't for get to check her out at the MTV VMA's. She will be singing her catchy new tune.