The Midland Reporter Telegram is reporting the the grocery giant HEB have purchased the old AT&T building:

Records show the San Antonio-based grocer acquired the building, valued at just over $11.2 million, earlier this month. Representatives for  H-E-B nor AT&T were not available to confirm the sale or discuss plans for the building. - Cindeka Nealy, Midland Reporter Telegram

This would be great news! Midland could definitely use another HEB. It would free up some of the congestion that is caused at the corner of Wadley and Midkiff. Plus it would make it more convenient for the people who live west of the loop.

Everyone knows that Midland and Odessa are day by day growing closer together so it only makes since to expand in that direction.

Midland should welcome a new HEB. Do you think it's a good idea?

Spencer Bennett