Could it be? Is Kenny Chesney ditching his cowboy boot for some cleats?

Last Friday, Kenny Chesney was given the chance to work out with the Seattle Seahawks. We all know that Kenny is a huge football fan and even worked out a few years ago with Sean Peyton and the New Orleans Saints. Here is how Kenny says it came about.

"I met [coach] PETE CARROLL a couple of years ago at our show at the Tacoma Dome.  We kept in touch and when we were coming he asked me if I'd like to work out with the team.  I didn't have to think about it . . . The answer was, 'Yes!'"

After the practice was over he was over joyed to have been catching passes from Russel Wilson.

"You know when you've caught a pass from [quarterback] RUSSELL WILSON.  It's not like when we play football backstage . . . it's pretty serious.  And I caught a few of 'em, too.  So it was a really good day!"

I'm glad Kenny enjoyed himself, but I am even more glad he's sticking to the music!

Here is video of Kenny Chesney