Today is National Hot Dog Day, although some thought it was yesterday. Technically it was yesterday but some are celebrating today! Several of your favorite places are serving up their famous dogs for just $1!

Today 7-Eleven is celebrating by offer their Big Bites for just $1 at all area 7-Eleven stores. Sonic is also doing the same. They are offering their regular hot dog or chili dog for just $1!

This will not shock any of you, but I don't like hot dogs. It's not that I don't like the whole thing just not the wiener.  My ideal hot dog is just the bun, the mustard and the chili and the cheese! That's all that's the way I like them. If I am going to eat it with the wiener in it, i only put ketchup and mustard.

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

How do you like your hot dog.