Kelly Clarkson literally glowed in the dark last night on American Idol. Kelly sang her new single "People Like Us." The stage was darkened and the black lights were turned on. Kelly were a dress that glowed in black light as well as body paint and make up.
Kelly Clarkson was the original American Idol, she was the first to take on the crown. Her new song "People Like Us" is a true Kelly Clarkson song. An anthem loud and proud.

Kelly Clarkson wasn't the only American Idol champion taking the stage last night, Scotty McCreery did as well.

The best part of the performance came after Kelly was don't singing. She is apparently a huge fan of Mariah Carey. Kelly had tweeted earlier...

"Okay. Tomorrow I’m performing at Idol in front of @mariahcarey. Pray for me. #PleaseDearGodDontLetMeSuck

— Kelly Clarkson (@kelly_clarkson) April 10, 2013

All was well, Kelly didn't suck and admitted the first time she met Mariah, she "almost lost her crap."

The two super stars had a moment on stage and Kelly also said her whole band would like to meet Mariah.

Watch the performance here!