Lady Antebellum's '7FOR7' project has been a treat to watch as it unfolds. Together, the trio are bringing seven surprises to seven fans in seven days. Their latest episode will hit especially close to home for many country fans, as the bring joy to an Army wife.

Lady A made a stop in Fort Meade, Md. at the Fort Meade Army base with a mission to visit mother of four Carrie Warfel.

"Her husband [Charles] is a teacher here on base and they have four kids. And we're basically going to celebrate what an amazing mom and wife Carrie is," Hillary Scott explained before their visit.

In order to surprise Warfel, her friends and family threw a barbecue, but didn't clue her in to the very special guests that would show up. Once Lady A pulled up, everyone yelled "Surprise!" as Warfel stood in shock.

Scott revealed the reason for the country band's visit, saying sweetly, "We just want you to know how inspiring your story is and how you're just an incredible mom and incredible friend."

Bandmate Dave Haywood continued, "We want to see if you and Charles want to come out to the 50th ACM Awards with us."

And then, the 'American Honey' singers dropped a bomb -- a surprise that no one else was made aware of.

"This is kind of a family gift because we also want to recognize the sacrifices that he, you, all these families make. And we know that's just as hard. And so we actually have a little gift. It will be pulling up at some point," announced Charles Kelley.

Watch the video to see the surprise that the whole family will enjoy -- the cherry on top of a perfect, emotional, rewarding day. With four surprises down and three to go, Lady A have done a phenomenal job of helping special fans make lifelong memories, and they're all uniquely created for each individual. From paying for a fans' education to sending a sweet little fan to Disney World, the trio seem to be having as much fun as the recipients!

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