"Multi-Million Dollar Homes and A Homeless Man Freezes to Death," This is what someone posted on their Facebook page. It certainly made me think.

When I first heard the story on the news, it was so heard for me to think that there are homeless people here in our area. There are only homeless people in big cities, not in Midland/Odessa. It is too hard to imagine here. That is what a sheltered mind will tell you.

The truth is there are a lot more than we realize. We do live in a very financially blessed economy, but with high rent rates and an inflated cost of living, not everyone is as fortunate as others.

The MRT recently did a story about the fact that this area has over 100 million dollar homes in this area, yet we let a homeless man freeze to death on the street. Don't get me wrong, I am not calling out millionaires here, I'm calling out everyone.

Just think, if everyone pitched in just a little we could help so many. I'm going to break it down Midland and Odessa have over 100,000 people each. If just 10,000 of those people would give $100 that would equal $1,000,000 that could be used for the greater good. We could build a large facility in each city with $1 million. We could buy a lot of coats, shoes and food for families that aren't as fortunate as ours.

We want to feed, clothe and doctor people clear across the world from us, but we can't take care of the ones that live in our own back yards. Where are our priorities?

If you are blessed, pay it forward and do what you can to bless someone else.