My TV watching has been changed forever! I got TIVO today. I thought DVR was an amazing invention but TIVO is10 times better.

With regular DVR you can only record two shows at a time, with TIVO, I can record eight! Now I don't have to choose between my favorite shows. For example there are 4 shows that come on on Monday and I had to choose which two were more important. Not now! Another great advantage about TIVO is the recording space.I have so much more recording space. I was notorious for filling up my DVR. Now when I am on vacation I don't have to worry about my DVR filling up and deleting some of my shows.

Another great thing about TIVO is I can stream my recorded show right to my IPHONE. And when I forget to set something to record I can remote access it and set up my recording.

My TV watching has gotten so much better and I can't wait to keep watching.