Things that bug you around the office? What are they? What are some things that co-workers do that drive you insane. Maybe its just one person that does something a certain way or maybe its the way the water cooler works. What bugs you about your office.

I have two office pet peeves.  One is the bathroom. I hate it when I go to wash my hand in the bathroom and someone has gotten water all over the sink. I don't really understand how this happens but it does. From the soap dispenser to the front of the sink there will be standing water. If you are not paying attention, a short person like me who has to reach over the sink, ends up getting water all over them.

The second is moody people. I understand people get in a bad mood from time to time or things happen to set them off. I am talking about those people, and everyone has them in their offices, that you have to walk softly around them because you don't know what kind of mood they are going to come to work in. Are they going to be nice? Are they going to be friendly or are they mean and hateful today? Why can't you just be happy and thankful you have a job to come to!? Don't people get tired of being cranky all the time? That would wear me out.

I would love to know what bugs you about your office. Is it the perfume the girl down the hall wears, is it the way the guy next to you taps his pen on the desk, or is it just a type of person in general?