Why is popcorn so good? Popcorn is a food you could never just eat one bit of. You get one handful and you tell yourself , you are only going to have one. Two minutes later you are sticking your hand back in the bag. Even though you walk away you always keep coming back.

We recently all got kettle corn from Fiddlesticks Farms and not one of us can resist  it. Since everyone got a bag , its everywhere. Why do we keep eating it. It gets your hands all dirty and it gets all in your teeth. Which by the way you can never get it out. But yet we continue to eat and eat and eat it. By the way I am eating some right now as I type this. Even when you go to the movies, you get a bucket of popcorn that is supposed to last  Popcorn is the devil. It is one food that over rides self control every time.