People get so crazy this time every four years. Here is the deal! We are all entitled to our own opinions and our own beliefs and we are all given the right to choose on our own free will. That is the freedom of being an American. I believe the way I believe and you believe you believe and that's all ok. America is a place where you can dare to be different. If you truly want your voice to be heard then get out and VOTE! There is no need to be hateful or mean just because people don't think the way you do. I understand voicing your opinion,and that's ok. But when it turns into attacking others that's out of control. I love the people that want to bully everyone into thinking the way they do but yet won't even give even a thought to reason.There are these types of people in both parties. Lead by example, be kind! Once again if you really want your voice to be heard .......get out and VOTE!!!