Last week was a crazy week for me. I missed the Monday and Tuesday because I was sick. I ended up going to the doctor, getting a shot and antibiotics for a viral infection.

Wednesday night I went out to my storage building to get something out of and when I went back in I could feel something had bit me. It itched and hurt a little. Like I always do I put tea tree oil on it thinking it would be ok. The next morning it had a puss pocket on so I popped it, and put more tea tree oil on it, thinking it would be fine.

By Friday afternoon it hurt, was super red and was spreading and had bruising around it. Friday night I took benedryl and put cortizone cream on it. By Saturday morning it was worse. It had spread and turned very dark.

I got my mom to look at it on Saturday and she said, yes, I needed to go to the doctor. So, I went.

When I went to the urgent care, the doctor informed me that the bit had already started to abscess. Then came the fear they were going to cut a big hole in my leg. He did tell me that if I did not do what I was told, that would happen.

So after, a shot, antibiotics, and keeping heat on it, it is finally getting better. Don't take spider bites lightly. They can be very dangerous. If you ever question whether you should go to the doctor or not, go. Don't mess around.