It is rare that I watch movies,but it seems I have been watching more movies here lately. I really wanted to see "The Great Gatsby," because it was one of the only books I read in high school.

Like most high school students we were required to read certain books. I am not a fan of reading at all, so there were few books that I read cover to cover. I think the only books I read all the way through were The Great Gatsby, The Outsiders, and Tex.

My junior year of high school we were required to read The Great Gatsby and after we were done we got to watch the movie, that featured Harrison Ford.

I would have to say the 1970's version was better than the current version. The current version of the movie looked fake. You could tell many of the scenes were not real. It was kind of hard to understand.

On a scale of 0 to five stars I would only give it two and half. It's an ok movie.