Yesterday we were chatting at lunch and the subject of tipping came up! The subject of when you need to tip and when it might not be necessary. On the issue of wait staff we all definitely agreed, but with some other areas, some of differed.

First of all, I think that you should always tip your bar tender or wait staff, ,that is how they make their money. They make a very little hourly wage and depend on their tips. But, one thing I don't like is when they tell you how much you should tip. I appreciate the restaurant trying to help me out with the math but, I'll tip what I feel is best.

Now, here is the area of where opinions differed as when to tip. For example do you tip the server who brought you your to go order? What did they really do for you? Another area is specific service industries. For example, do you tip your massage therapist? You just paid him or her for her service. Break down the math, they just made $60 an hour. Do they still need a tip? Another example, is your hair dresser! You just paid them, for women, at least $100 for one to two hours. Math again, $50 an hour. Do you still tip them?

Now, on the other hand, I also realize that the better you tip, the better the service. I also know that tips help everyone, not just wait staff, But, in some cases didn't I already pay you to do your job?

I want to know what you think! When are we required to tip. BTW, I tip based on the service I receive, not what your calculation suggest.