Toby Keith made me cry! I'm surprised we haven't heard about this in media yet. A few weeks ago at his show in Houston Toby Keith reunited a soldier and his wife. He was about to sing "American Soldier," when he said he wanted to honor all of the military and any of their family members that were at the show. He then called a young woman on stage who her husband was in Afghanistan. At the end of the song the guitar player began to play the "Star Spangled Banner."  Right then a man walks out to change guitars for Toby like any normal stage hand would do. This was no normal stage hand. Dressed in fatigues, out walks Major Pete Cruz, the woman's husband. She had no clue her husband was coming home. Watch the video below.

Thank you to all the men and women who put their lives on the line for mine everyday. Without your service, America would not be what it is today! Thank You!