I never think about it.  Until something reminds me. Recently, I was reminded again that I was adopted at birth.  For the past two years, I've attempted to get in contact with my biological parents.

I never felt the desire to look for them until a few years ago when I decided it would be a good idea to have my medical history.  My mom had all the paperwork from my birth, including my biological mother's name.  From there, it was easy to get on Ancestry and Google to find out where they live.

Before I reached out, I went to a therapist who specializes in adoption issues.  I wanted to make sure I was going about it the right way.  After a few weeks, I had drafted a letter.  I indicated that I wished to have my medical history and that if there was a desire to make contact, I was open to that.  I even gave a third party's contact information, in case they didn't want to contact me directly.   I sent the letter to the address I had. Then I waited.

After a month with no response, I sent another letter to the business address I had.  I sent it by certified mail and this time, I had no doubt the letter was received.  Still no response.

That's been over a year ago now.  At first, it was hurtful that I never heard anything back.   Now it just heightens the mystery for me.