It's rattle snake season. The weather is perfect for these slithering creatures to come out and about!

The bad thing about these venomous creatures is that, they can hide anywhere and can be undetected before its too late. Do you know what to do if you or someone is bitten by a rattle snake. Have no fear, I am hear.

I was shocked to know not to apply a tourniquet, that's what we've been told all of our lives. First and foremost you should get and keep a rattle snake bite kit in your car or onsite where you are.  Here some steps to help you if you are ever in a rattle snake bite situation. According to WikiHow

David McNew / Getty Images

here are some great tips:

  • Identify the species of snake, make sure that it is a rattlesnake.
  • Move the victim away from the snakes striking distance to prevent any further bites.
  • Keep victim down, still and calm.
  • Remove all clothing or jewelry that may become constrictive. Swelling may become a problem with any constricting articles of clothing.
  • Wash the wound with water.
  • Immobilize the bite area with a sling or some sort of non-constricting object.
  • Suction the wound, but only if you have a snake bite kit. DO NOT use your mouth.
  • Keep the wounded area lower than heart level, but do not allow it to hang down.
  • Carry victim if possible; this will slow the movement of the venom
  • Transport victim to the nearest medical facility for anti-venom.

Here are somethings that you should never do:

  • Apply a tourniquet or tight band around wound.
  • Apply cold packs or ice to the skin; it will not slow the spread of the venom.
  • Use your mouth to suck out the venom.
  • Consume alcohol, caffeine, aspirin or anything by mouth.
  • Run or panic, an increased heart rate will speed the venom through the blood system.
  • Attempt to catch the snake or bring it into the hospital.

These are some precautionary things you can do to limit snake encounters:

  • Avoid reaching under rocks or into crevasses. Snakes will often hide under them to get out of the sun.
  • Walk away from a snake if you see one. It will not follow you. Snakes attack humans only out of self-defense.
  • Check boots, shoes, clothing, and backpacks thoroughly prior to putting them on.
  • Shake out sleeping bags before using them.
  • Sleep in tents and make sure they are zipped up so a snake cannot get in.
  • Shake out shoes and clothing each morning before putting them on.