It's important to know what to do when bitten by a snake. Over the weekend by best friend's daughter was bitten by a snake. The only thing I knew was to rush to the hospital. But I learned there are more things you should do.

Saturday afternoon the kids were helping my best friend clean up the front porch. They have recently laid tile in their house, so they were out picking up the put pieces. My friends daughter reached down to pick up some tiles and there were was a snake underneath them. Never in a million years would they have thought there would have been a snake on the front porch.

The snake bit her daughter and when she dropped the tile it trapped the snake, when the snake pulled its self free it had ripped off its tail so they didn't know if it had a rattle or not. My friend ultimately cut off the head and proceeded to tend to her daughter.

She called the doctor and the doctor told her to bring the snake to the hospital with her. I never would have thought of that. The reason being to determine the type of snake. Once again I never would have thought of that.

Thank God it was not a rattle snake or even a poisonous snake. So always remember if you are in the right mind to take the snake to the hospital.