It is a possibility that someone could win over one billion dollars in the upcoming Powerball drawing. Have you ever really thought what you would do with the winnings? Last night as I laid in bed I seriously thought about this. Of course, I would pay off all my bills, build a house, buy a car, take care of my family and friends, all that good stuff, but I thought about what I would really do with that money.

I thought about business ventures I could embark on and friends business's I could invest in but what I was really trying to figure out was what good could I do with the money.

First, I would build a homeless shelter, a very large one, an apartment style building, where people could stay until they were back on their feet. I would also open a girls home. To show young girls love, and teach them how young ladies should live life.

Of course, I would do selfish things with my money but I would do my best to do as much good as possible. I would definitely be very generous. Another thing is, I wouldn't quit my job. I would probably try to buy out this office, but I would keep working. LOL

What would you do?