Wednesday I shared the story of my pool or the pool that is not my pool. Yesterday wasn't much better. In the matter of about one I seemed to have demolished quite a big.

It first started with my cup cakes. I was getting out of my car and I dropped my cupcakes and of course they fell frosting down. My pretty red velvet cupakes, not so pretty anymore. Then came the garage door.

My garage door opener is broken, so I have to manually open and close it. I was going to park my car in the garage because it was supposed to storm. Well I thought the door was all the way up, NOPE! It wasn't. The top of my car caught the door and bent it, pulled if off the track and ruined it.

Then as I am trying to fix the door a huge brown spider runs by my foot, so now I have to call an exterminator.

If anyone knows of a good garage door person, please share the info with me.