Last night on American Idol the top 12 contestants sang about home. If you didn't VOTE, you still have time!

Last night when American Idol ended Dexter was leading the first  group of singers and C.J.was leading the second group. Just so happens those are two of the people I vote for every week. I also vote for Ben Briley and Jessica Meuse. This week I voted for Malaya Watson, she sang one of my favorite songs and did such a great job!


Dexter killed it last night! I thought his performance was spot on! Even though the judges did not prefer Ben and Jessica's performance I thought they did ok, just ok. C.J. did a good job but the judges were right it was a bit karaokeish.


Not that I am expert or anything but I think the bottom three will be Same Wool, MK, Emily Piriz.  To me Sam looked a Harry Styles want a be and the judges weren't too fond of his performance. MK, looked very nervous and scared, and Emily's performance wasn't big enough. The song was bigger than she performed.

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