The Townsquare Media Second Chance Prom is coming up Saturday, May 23rd at Midland Center. Today I went to get fitted for my tux.  To tell you the truth, I wasn't really looking forward to it until yesterday.


I asked a girl to the prom.  Well, it was sort of a combination of both of us figuring out it would be fun to go together.  The girl is my eHarmony girl, who I call "Shopgirl," from Austin.
That got me to thinking there might be many people who are too shy to ask out a date to the prom.  So here are some suggestions:

1.  Make prom cookies that say "Will. You. Go. To. The. Prom. With. Me"  Obviously, one word for each cookie.

2.   Use sidewalk chalk and write the question on her driveway or sidewalk.

3.  Write the question on some kind of cardboard and cut it into puzzle pieces she has to put together.

4.  Set out a bunch of candles or luminarias on her lawn at night that spell "PROM?"  Then light them.

5.  Use post-its and put on her car or on her wall.  Again, spell out "PROM?"  with the post-it notes!

6.  Make a photo collage.  Take selfies or get someone to take pictures of you holding up a sign with one word on each sign:  Will, you, go, with, me, to, the, prom?"  Arrange the photos in order and frame them.  Not only is it a unique way to ask but it will also become a keepsake for her.

7.  For the girl (or guy) who likes pepperoni pizza, have the pizza place spell out "PROM?"  with pepperoni on top of the pizza!

8.  Use a Scantron test sheet!  Remember those?  Get one and fill in the ovals to spell "PROM?"

9.  Get a retail store or restaurant to use their outdoor letters sign to put a message on it for you.  i.e. "Shopgirl, Prom? Love, Michael"

10.  Finally, for the girl who is very analytical, get a notebook.  On the cover, paste some prefabricated letters that say "Reasons to go to the prom with me."  Then state your case.  For example:

Because we could have a nice dinner first.
Because we could wear awesome outfits.
Because it's only a 5 1/2 hour drive.
Because I'm blowing off work to make this list.
Because I will carry emergency band-aids with me in case your shoes hurt your feet.
Because my friends know how much I love your face.
Because I trusted the Internet to aid me in your courtship.
Because it will be a great story to tell our kids.
Because everyone will agree we are the best looking couple at the prom.
Because of my dimples.
Because I'm your number one fan.
Because you are my beautiful princess and I am your prince.
Because you can have all the kisses on the cheek you want.
Because I only want to dance with you.