Is it just me or is CrudeFest being singled out? Why is it that Crudefest is the only event in the area where the media scrutinizes CrudeFest for it's actions? No other activities in the area are covered by more media and law enforcement than any other event in West Texas!

First and for most I salute the coverage of law enforcement, for the safety of everyone. The more presence, the better. I think with more officers present, the more cautious people are and the less people try to drink and drive. So I appreciate the efforts of law enforcement's efforts to help keep everyone safe.

Before everyone goes talking about Midland County Sheriff's Officer's being on hand, know your fact's before making your comments. You don't know how they are paid or who fits the bill.

As far the the minor arrested and the availability for them to drink, you might want to check the stats on how many house parties are busted each weekend with underage drinkers. It's not CrudeFest's fault that minors were drinking. CrudeFest did not put a drink in a minors hand and say drink this! CrudeFest did not provide a place for them to drink!

Why doesn't the media pull the average DWI arrest for any regular weekend and post those on Monday morning? You would probably be surprised, it's not that much different from CrudeFest weekend. We don't hear about the arrest made during the Permian Basin Oil Show and I can guarantee there is plenty of alcohol consumption and prostitution going on during that  time, but the media doesn't report that, do they?\