Some life like toys have gone way to far. I understand toy makers try to make toys as life like as possible. For example back in the day, when the Operation came out it taught kids to have patience and a steady hand like surgeons. Then companies started making babies that talk, cry, crawl and more. This baby doll I saw this weekend is too much. I was out shopping with my friend and her kids and of course we had to visit the toy section. My friend went with her little boy to look at boy toys and I went with her daughter to look at girl toys. While I examing all the latest toys I came across a baby doll that went potty. To make the situation as real as possible there was actual droppings in the toilet. REALLY????? Everyone knows about bodily functions and how they work even children. Do you really have to have floaties in the play toilet. I get the babies that a kid feeds with a water bottle and then she wets. Ok, I can understand that but who wants to deal with the other. This is one case of life like toys