So one of my newest hobbies is working in my yard. It amazes me because never before have I ever cared about yard work. The most effort I ever put into it was paying someone to mow. Now I look so forward to working in the yard. I try to do something out there every day. Usually it consists of water my plants and pulling weeds.

I didn't realize pulling weeks was such hard work. The first time I did, I was so sore the next day. The backs of my legs where so sore.

I have this wisteria bush in yard and it growing nicely. The other day I looked out there and there were these big tall weeds out there, growing in the middle of it. I had to by some clippers to get these weeds out.

These things grown like crazy and the biggest thickest stalks I have ever seen. Last night while trying to remove this pest, I had to cut the weed stalk in pieces first. You would have thought I was pulling up a tree root. Then I had to soak the ground and did the root out there was no way I could pull it out. In fact, I almost broke my little garden trouble trying to get it out.

Here is a picture of it. Do any of you know what this is or how I can totally get rid of them? This is just the root, you have seen how big the stalk was.


I try to stay on top of them but they are huge before I know it.