Some people say having weight loss surgery is taking the easy way out, in fact I said it about people myself.

People who say having weight loss surgery is taking the easy way out, haven't done it!  I can tell you I said it about people because I was jealous. I wanted to have it done for some time now.

There are so many behind the scenes things that go on before you actually get to surgery. First of all, all of the testing. You have to go through many medical test, the psychological test and then the liquid diet.

The liquid diet could have probably been one of the hardest things I've done. When people say a liquid diet, you think it's only for a few days, NO! I was on the liquid diet for two weeks. I could only have water, protein shakes, and broth. I got cranky and even angry at times. I just wanted to bite something. But I just kept telling myself the end justifies the means.

I was never nervous or scared about having the surgery. I believed God had placed this in my path and he would be with me the whole way.

Surgery was probably the easiest part of the whole journey. I slept most of the day after surgery but after that I was up walking around. I was never sore, I never had nausea, and not really any pain.

The morning after surgery, I got up took a shower, fixed my hair and put make up on. I already felt better.

I could not wait to start become a new happier me that would feel so much better!

I would like to say thank you for the staff at Medical Center Hospital for taking such good care of me! Dr. Davenport for such an easy surgery and my family and friends!