Moving isn't fun.  And moving by yourself is even less fun.  You're responsible for everything.  From dealing with the cranky ex-apartment manager to changing your address with the Post Office...everything is on YOU.

I'm writing this to procrastinate.  I'm blessed to be able to have professional movers take my stuff from the old place to the new place.  As I was visiting with you right now on the Legends Lunch recently, the movers were calling because they can't find the address of my new house.  Do moving companies not know what GPS is?  It's not like it's out in the boonies.  It's in the middle of town.

Pets are another issue.  They knew something was up.  Last night, I got the pet carrier down from the top of the closet and they ran under the bed.  Ha!  By this morning, they forgot about it and I was able to do the grab and pack!  So they're at the vets getting their shots and hanging out there all day.  Needless to say, they're having a bad week.

Well, I can't procrastinate anymore.  They're calling again asking where to put the desk and CDs.  Have I shown you my CD collection?  That'll be for a future blog.  I've been in radio forever and whenever someone asks you for a favor, they like to give you a lot of CDs.  So I have a lot!