It touches my heart so much when someone does something for me. I am not used to people doing things for me. Maybe a fault I am one those people that just takes care of everything. I am the one who plans surprise parties and gets just because gifts for people, so when someone does it for me it touches my heart.

Today is Valentine's Day and no one likes to be alone, so this year a friend and I made a plans to be each others Valentine. It was so nice to get flowers today. Its nice to get flowers any day but especially today.

A little later some of my loyal listeners came and brought me another Valentine's Day gift. That really touched my heart because they went out of their way to do something nice for me.

I would also like to mention all of the listeners that called in today with their Valentine's wishes as well. 

Thank you Kim, Bubba, Mama, and Ernie and all of the listeners that helped make this day feel full of love.