The Zac Brown Band have released the first video in their "Remedy" trilogy. The videos will feature three songs from Jekyll + Hyde, "I'll Be Your Man (Song for a Daughter)," "Tomorrow Never Comes" and "Remedy."

The trilogy is being written and directed by Diego Pernía, and in the first of the three videos, fans meet a young lady who is forced out of her home after an argument with her alcoholic mother. Because this is the first of three installments, this video serves as more of a setup for what is to come. The young woman is seen arguing with her mother, being kicked out of the family home, driving down the road and in a flashback to when she was younger running through farm fields.

The description of the mini-movie on YouTube says that our starring lady leaves her home to "connect with her heritage, to find love and knowledge in a world where she must struggle to survive emotionally. Being Visible. When communication becomes impossible, the heritage of your ancestors, forgiveness and love, are the only way to heal."

"If you spend any time with Diego, you realize how spiritual he is, and how connected he is to emotion and what he does with pulling out humanity and nature in his work," Zac Brown says about working with Pernía.

Part Two of the video series is due out on June 17. Until then, click play above to watch the groundwork being laid for the intricate story.

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